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Last 10 past events

Your Best of...The Musicals

Eleven volunteers play their favourite track December 15 2018

My Favourite vs Your Favourite

Six challengers play their favourite in a specific category against your host’s choice November 24 2018

Sade vs Terence Trent D'Arby

Two heavyweight debut LPs by two giants of soulful 80s pop, but which one is better…? October 20 2018

Singles Championship 2018

Eight contestants battle it out, audience chooses the winner July 21 2018

The (Shaun) Ryder Cup - Liverpool v Manchester

Twelve participants battle it out in head-to-head duels June 17 2018

Rumours (revisited)

Fleetwood Mac April 20 2018

Guilty Pleasures

12 volunteers spin a vinyl track that they love, but they feel nobody else will, with an audience vote March 29 2018

OK Computer

Radiohead February 24 2018

Album Championships 2018

8 contestants bring their favourite LP and try to be crowned 2018 Vinyl Frontier Album Champion January 20 2018

Dark Side of the Moon and Beyond

The Best of Hipgnosis December 9 2017

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